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Physical and Immunization Information:
  • ALL students need a CURRENT physical with immunizations to enter K, 7th grade, and 10th grade
    • Doctors DO NOT automatically send it to school
    • Immunizations needed to enter 7th grade: 1. Tdap 2. Meningitis
  • ALL children participating in SPORTS need a current physical with immunization. 
    • physicals are valid for 13 months to play sports
    • once a physical "expires" (older than 13 months), a new physical will need to be provided to school
    • Please keep in mind that physicals are not required after K until 7th grade, your school will NOT have a current physical to start sports.
  • NEW TO DISTRICT students must have a current physical with immunizations to start school

FAQs-Covid Isolation and Quarantine-1/9/22

  • Positive student in a positive case household:
    • If a child tests positive and then a household member tests positive a few days later, the child can exit isolation after 5 days if they meet the criteria (fever free for 24 hours and symptoms significantly improved).
    • They do not have to continue quarantining because of the family member, because they are now in the 90 day window where they don’t have to quarantine if they remain asymptomatic. 
  • Asymptomatic, unvaccinated student in a positive case household
    •  As before, the quarantine of an asymptomatic unvaccinated contact to positive household members begins when the isolation period of the positive household member ends.
    • So if a parent is positive and meets the criteria to be released from isolation on day 5, the child’s quarantine then would start on day 6.
    • If the child cannot wear a mask, their quarantine should extend for 10 days; household contacts that can routinely and consistently wear masks, can observe a 5 day quarantine.
      • For this example of the very young child, this would result in a total quarantine period of 15 days (5 days of the parent’s isolation and then 10 days of the contact’s own quarantine). 
      • Regarding the use of the home test in this situation, I would suggest the home test be used on day 5 of the child’s quarantine (which would be day 10 total, 5 days after the isolation of the household ended and then 5 more days after that)

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Deb Majewski BSN RN

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CT Blue Form (Physical Assessment):

Medication Authorization form:
* one medication per form
* parent/guardian and doctor must sign form
* NO medications can be given in school without a completed medication authorization form
*children can ONLY self carry inhalers and Epi Pens

Medication Authorization Form-- English
Medication Authorization Spanish.docx

Care Plans:
1. FARE Food Allergy English and Spanish.pdf
2. Asthma English and Spanish 0-11 yrs.pdf
3. Asthma English and Spanish 12 yrs +.pdf

 Chapter 169 School Health and Sanitation

Sec. 10-206b. Health assessments.(b) Each local or regional board of education shall require each child to have a health assessment prior to public school enrollment

Sec. 10-204a. Required immunizations(a) Each local or regional board of education, or similar body governing a nonpublic school or schools, shall require each child to be protected by adequate immunization against diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, poliomyelitis, measles, mumps, rubella, hemophilus influenzae type B and any other vaccine required by the schedule for active immunization adopted pursuant to section 19a-7f** before being permitted to enroll in any program operated by a public or nonpublic school under its jurisdiction.